40 – Sending out The Twelve

When: Winter, 28-29 AD
Where: Galilee
Mark, Matthew, Luke,


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Having left Nazareth, never to return, Jesus went home to Capernaum.

It was now time to “send” the twelve out to practice their calling. Jesus sent them out in pairs to proclaim the good news of the coming kingdom to the people of the covenant, and to call the people to faith.

Team one being Simon and brother Andrew, team two being James and brother John, Team three was Philip and Nathanael, team four consisted of Matthew and Thomas, team five was James the son of Alphaeus and Thaddaeus, while team six combined Simon (the Cananaean) and Judas Iscariot.

Jesus instructed the disciples to journey from village to village and proclaim the same “good news” that the Baptist and Jesus had been proclaiming. ‘Tell folks that the Kingdom of God is near. Folks need to repent, stop any sinful ways, be forgiven, and to be born to a new life dedicated to God and the coming kingdom.’ ‘And,’ he added, ‘they must exercise faith!’

‘You have authority over human ailments, even though you have never tried to help others in this way before. Now you must exercise your own faith in God. I have shown you how to do these things, now it is your turn to put the power of God into action.’

‘You are also to live by faith!’ Jesus reminded them. ‘You are to travel lite and put your trust entirely in God for food, protection, and success,’ Jesus told them. ‘When you find folks who are open to hearing the “good news,” you should minister to their needs.’ Remember the faith of the people of Capernaum!

‘On the other hand, whenever you find folks that will not listen to the “good news,” then leave immediately. Remember Nehemiah, and shake the dust from your feet when you leave, as a sign that you take nothing of theirs with you, not even the responsibility for them at the Judgment Day. They have now taken that upon themselves. Sodom will fare better though their sin is legendary. Remember the lack of faith of the people of Nazareth!’

And thus the six teams of disciples became Apostles. They went among the villages of Galilee, while Jesus stayed in Capernaum.

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