Thoughts Story 42

1: Luke states that this occurred in Bethsaida. In my opinion he was mistaken.

First. Their were no villages or cities except Bethsaida-Julias as one travels east from Capernaum. Therefore where did all the people gather from that came from villages, etc.? But if one traveled south, then Jesus would pass at least four villages.

Second. Mark makes it clear that Jesus went from the place of the feeding TO Bethsaida. Mark says that Jesus sent them across the lake to Bethsaida and then planned to walk past them in the night to get to Bethsaida before them. How could he do this if they were already in Bethsaida?

Third. John says that Jesus went up on to a mountain. There is no mountain in the area of Bethsaida.

Fourth. John says that Jesus went "across the lake toward Capernaum" afterward, but that could mean either east or north.

Fifth. Jesus intends to feed the Jews (as is seen by the 12 baskets left over). John states that Jesus chose to feed the Jews BECAUSE Passover was near. The region around Bethsaida is primarily Gentile. Later he would feed the Gentiles, but down near Geresa (collecting 7 baskets of leftovers).

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