Thoughts Story 14

1: There are numerous suggestions regarding the Exodus and the location of the "Mountain of God". It is my contention that Moses and Joshua each led a contingent out of Egypt. Joshua led a fast moving band of men south past the Egyptian eastern guard posts and down the Sinai peninsula past the traditional location of Sinai distracting Pharaoh’s forces. Meanwhile Moses led the majority of the people (old, young, women, and animals) on the shorter, more directly, route east from the Bitter Seas to Kadesh-Barnea and Mount Horeb, where Joshua was reunited with Moses.

Kadesh-Barnea was the center of life for 40 years following the Exodus. If Moses received the commandments on Mount Horeb, and Elijah almost "saw" God on Mount Horeb, then it is to Mount Horeb that Jesus would go to seek God. If, on the other hand, it was either Jebel Musa, or Jebel Serbal, Mount Seir, Har Karkom, or any other place, then that would be where Jesus would have gone.

2: Because Jesus will be leading God’s people to a "new" Promised Land, his pilgrimage would naturally follow the Exodus journey and arrive at Mount Nebo. And where better for Satan to tempt Jesus with a vision of the "power and wealth" of this world.

3: The early history of the site where the alter rested in the Holy of Holies seems to be as follows:

1. Abraham offers to sacrifice Isaac,

2. Rock threshing floor of Araunah,

3. David’s Altar,

4. Solomon’s temple,

5. Zerubbabel’s temple,

6. Herod’s temple.

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