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God was before ANYTHING. All things that were to be created would require at least two things: Power and Wisdom. Power alone can create, but to create something with purpose requires Wisdom. Look at what God has created. From atoms to galaxies – infinitely complex. Then into this matter, God created LIFE. From ameba to angel – infinitely complex. Then into this life, God created people. With a purpose – an eternal purpose. That takes Wisdom.

In Genesis, when God spoke, Wisdom and Power combined as The Word, to create. It was through The Word of God that all things were created. In this Aramaic hymn of praise to Wisdom (“Sophia”), is found a key to understanding God’s messenger and the situation the messenger would find in the world.

Jesus is the embodied Word (“Logos”) of God. The Wisdom of God in action is the Word of God – Jesus. God will make his reasons known to all, and achieve his purpose, through Jesus, the Word of God. Through the Word (through the process of salvation) will come life. Spiritual life! God has again spoken (as he did in creation). Now the Word of God will bring the Wisdom of God’s spiritual light into the spiritual darkness. And God’s glory (“Shikina”) will be seen by many and they shall have life.





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