00 – In The Beginning

When: In God's Time
Where: Canaan, Middle East, Earth
Mark, Matthew, Luke, John,

Other, Thoughts,

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There is God!

In a moment, God’s wisdom and power combined as “The Word” to create everything. And when God “thought”, “The Word” made all things happen as God thought. When God “spoke”, bang, the heavens and the earth were created.

There was confusion among people about how to live this life and prepare for the next life. And God spoke again! God was not divided! Rather the aspect of the Divine which was “The Word”, whose goal was to bring spiritual light into the spiritual darkness, was focused and cloaked in the body of a child called to be called Jesus. The Messiah was sent into the Middle East.

Jesus was descended from Joseph, Zerubbabel, David, Abraham, Noah, Adam and God. He was a human in every way.


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Question: How do you pronounce Zerubbabel?

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Map at time of Jesus

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