69 – Fig Tree Withered

When: Tuesday morning, April 4, 30 AD
Where: Bethphage, Judea
Mark, Matthew, Luke,


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On Tuesday morning, Jesus and the disciples left Bethany and once again walked the road toward Jerusalem. As they were passing the road [today] to Bethphage, Peter was the first disciple to notice the fig tree under which Jesus had sat just 24 hours earlier. He was very surprised to see that the leaves had all wilted and turned brown. The religious authorities had rejected Jesus, the “Word of God”. There was obviously no life left in the temple cult, nor was their life left in the fig tree. He pointed it out to the other disciples and then, when Jesus arrived, Peter pointed out the tree.

Jesus responded with a small smile, and shook his head from side to side. ‘Folks, this should not surprise you. If you trust God and believe in God’s power and trustworthiness, then you could say to the Mount of Olives to get up and be thrown into the Dead Sea. And if you had no doubt, because you knew that it is what God wanted, then it would happen. ‘What has happened to the fig tree is what will happen to Jerusalem if the leaders will not change their way.’

Jesus turned and continued his journey to Jerusalem and the disciples followed. And as they walked Jesus told them a parable about a fig tree that did not produce for the owner. How the owner sought fruit repeatedly but found none, just as God had sought “fruit” from the religious leaders. Now God would give them one last chance before removing them. He also spoke to them about the power of prayer and the need to forgive others who have wronged them.

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