I especially want to thank the following:

My journey began when Mary asked me, to teach her something about “the land of Jesus”.

My journey took its next step when Dick organized the Christian gathering to provide funds to send me to Canaan.

I was given personal and professional encouragement by Mike Blaine [deceased]. He had resources and time that he shared with me without hesitation. Mike was associated with IGM TOURS, at, whose concept of regional themes stimulated my insight into the realization that Jesus was very conscious of geography – but on a LOCAL level.

Ryan created the logo.

“I Love to Tell The Story” credits.

Female Vocalist Nancy Jo Hinsen
Male Vocalist Randy Dinga
Violin Cindy Dinga
Saxophone Jeannine O’Neal

I want to thank Anne for her understanding and patience without which this would not have been possible.

I have done all this for the glory of God, my Father, and offer it to you in the name of Jesus, The Christ, my Lord.



The topographical map of Canaan used on the home page is used by permission of Jay Baggett, at

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Bibilical Archaeology Society has many excellent visual aids but are copyrighted and I cannot use them. [BP]
City Lord [CL] PO box 18040 Jerusalem, Israel [GM]
Holyland Hotel Model [HHM] A must stop if you visit Jerusalem [HLP] [HP] [JVL] [JPG]
Ritmeyer Archaelolgical Design offers some impressive Temple slides but are copyrighted and I cannot use them.


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